What Is Pipette Tip Mold?

Posted by anna on April 20, 2022 

Pipette tips are manufactured by using a pipette tip mold. This mold is made of polypropylene with a high molecular weight, resulting in smooth inner walls and a low wall profile. This mold does not require hanging on the wall. This allows it to be used for a variety of purposes and is highly versatile. The manufacturer can change the length and shape of the tip, and thus can reduce the cost of the finished product.

Compared to other models of pipette tip molds, this machine can separate the tip from the superfluous end area in less than 0.6 seconds. This system can also isolate an affected rack. In addition, the pipettes are visually inspected after filling. This is done with the help of a camera, which examines the components from multiple angles, including the tip's bottom, side, and top.

Pipette tips produced using this mold are airtight, preventing contamination from the surrounding fluids. The quality of the tips is dependent on the type of plastic being injected, and the condition of the pipette tip mold. Molds wear down over time, and the quality of the finished product will vary as a result. The process of molding a pipette tip can be interrupted if one of the molds is damaged.

This mold is useful for mass production of pipette tips. It features two forms - an outer part and an inner part - which can be made of different materials. Injection molding can also be used to produce the tips in large volumes. One advantage is that this process is very flexible and can be done in a single process. This allows manufacturers to manufacture the tips in bulk and in great quantities. When you are ready to purchase a new pipette tip mold, make sure to read the guidelines carefully.

If you want to increase productivity in your pipette tip molding process, you should first look into the operating environment of your machine. Make sure your pipettes are free of particles. Clean rooms are a must for all manufacturers, but this also adds extra expense to the production process. In addition to cleaning the pipes, the molds need to be serviceable and accessible. To achieve maximum efficiency, you should look into the process flow in your manufacturing facility.

If you want a pipette tip mold with the highest production capacity, you should consider using a machine that has more than 64 cavities. These molds can accommodate a wide variety of pipette tips. If you want to reduce changeover times, you should look for a machine with the highest possible flexibility. The Borealis machine has a high level of automation, allowing it to fill 64 cavities with ease.

A good tip is well-defined in surface structure and wall thickness. This ensures good drop cut-off. It is essential to use a mold that has tight tolerances, as poor orifices may cause the drop to deflect outside of the thin wall. Poor orifices will also display lying flashes, which influence the diameter of the tip and cause liquid retention. Poor-quality orifices are often the result of a poorly designed tool or a non-optimized injection molding process.

Abdos Filter Tips

Abdos filters are a popular choice among researchers because they eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and provide superior protection to lab equipment and personnel. ABDOS offers a wide variety of products that cater to the critical needs of laboratories and individuals. These include PCR Clean, IVD-certified sterile pipette tips, and low sample retention polymer categories. These filters are designed to fit most single and multi-channel pipettes.

The highest-quality materials and processes are used in the manufacture of Abdos filters and tips. They are made from virgin medical grade polypropylene and are free of RNase, Pyrogen, and DNAse. These tips feature a non-self-sealing PE filter that provides easy sample recovery. They are compatible with most pipettes, and are precision-centered with a hydrophobic surface. Abdos filter tips are available in different volumes and a variety of sizes.

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